Kirtan Kriya

Sit straight in easy pose.   Meditate at the brow point and produce the five primal sounds.    SA — infinity, cosmos, beginning TA — life, existence NA — death MA — rebirth This is the cycle of creation. From the... Read more

Meditation Minutes and Benefits

There is more to the time you meditate than you may think.  Any time meditating is beneficial but as you go up in time the benefits are enhanced and the change that takes place in the brain is more... Read more

Massage and Aromatherapy Combined

The manipulation of soft tissue is what we refer to when talking about massaging, but with aromatherapy we introduce the power of essential oils into the equation to bring all their wonderful properties to the massage. First let’s talk about... Read more

Natural Tick Removal and Bug Repellants

I love summer and hiking, I really can’t get enough of the mountains and so we head out every chance we get.  The only thing I don’t like is worrying about getting ticks, mosquito bites or having... Read more

Are you Hauling Buckets or Building a Pipeline?

 Are you Hauling Buckets or Building a Pipeline? A story adapted from Robert Kiyosaki There was a man who lived in a village that was two miles from the nearest water source. His job was... Read more

meditation with essential oils


Deeper Meditation with Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils during your meditation will greatly enhance and deepen your practice.  Essential Oils help slow and deepen your breathing bringing you into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Essential Oils affect the limbic area of... Read more

Essential Oil Cologne Recipes

Looking for some fun all natural cologne recipes for your man?   Play around, have fun and switch up the oils to make your own personal blend. These cologne recipes are about a 20% oil and 80% carrier oil... Read more

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Every get that whiff of your yoga mat as you are doing chaturanga on your way into upward dog?  We come into intimate contact with our yoga mats so we want to make sure we aren’t using any nasty... Read more

Awakening Love with Essential Oils


Awakening Love with Essential Oils

I just put together and taught this class on Awakening Love With  Essential Oils, Massage and Acupressure this week just in time for Valentines.  I wanted to share it with all of you.  Enjoy! We all want a... Read more

Home Spa Treatments


At Home Spa Treatments

Make any day special for yourself or a friend by sharing these recipes and essential oils. Home Spa Recipes (by Michelle Howard, Spa Director, Zermatt Resort) Brown Sugar Scrub (Can be used for full body exfoliation or for hands... Read more

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